Classy girl

I dropped my first f bomb today.
Not bloody likely, given neither the industry I work in, nor my heritage.

It was my first f bomb-dropping while travelling on the subway.

And entirely unnecessary.
I’m finding it interesting to navigate a much more… assertive environment than what I’ve been accustomed to for most of my life.
And I think I’m ok in calling it assertive.
Initially I’d maybe considered NY aggressive, offensive, and hostile at times even.
But I don’t think that’s it.
To grossly simplify, and really give myself permission to explore this every day that I’m here for the next while, there are just so many god damned people here, doing so much god damned stuff, and going to so many god damned places, it’s inevitable that people seem to develop an efficiency in operating that could be mistaken, or could slip, into an aggressive mode… It seems that it’s just a function of the intensity here though. In the time I’ve been here, I’m the only a-hole that I’ve heard mutter an f bomb while being hammered and jostled on the subway. People generally just seem to expect it, and take a shove in no way as a personal or aggressive attack. It’s just being efficient in getting to their next destination.
And a shove is just a way of clearng a path. No harm. No hurt. No ill will.
Aggressive? Assertive? Direct?
It’s still f$*%ing irritating and jarring to my generally reserved, cautious, stand-in-the-back-and-observe nature.
And it extends to other arenas of my life here.
It’ll be interesting to see how this pace and interaction and jockeying changes me over the next while…
Until then, I’ll calm myself down and chuckle at how me and the big dude who also managed to score a rare seat had matching pants tonight…

I’ll also do yet another head shake as I recall the concerts I heard on the platforms today. It was a real spread, ranging from happy Hari Krishnas, being heckled by punks ( no joke), to a Jimmy Hendrix inpersonator, and rounding it out with a Russian guy playing ‘La vie en rose’ on an accordion.

You’re killing me, NYC.


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