Pearson Anhorn 2005 – 2017

We lost our dear Pearson on Friday, May 26th, 2017 at 11:10am.  I bought him as a puppy birthday gift for Sara back in 2005.  Pearson had been with us through thick and thin ever since.

He stopped eating on Tuesday(not even Shake Shack!) and I brought him into the clinic on Thursday.  He spent the night in the ICU, as they tried to rehydrate him and spur his appetite.  When I arrived on Friday morning at 7:30am, he was in very rough shape and after discussing it with his Vet, we both felt it best to relieve his suffering.  While his lymph nodes were showing improvement, consensus was that the cancer had spread to his stomach/intestine.  I absolutely regret him not spending his last night with us and not euthanizing him at home.  He hated vet hospitals.  🙁

At least Sara and I were with him when he passed.  It was very peaceful and it broke my heart to see him go.  He was a link to our past, he was family, he was unconditional love and he was a reminder of our own mortality.  A painful reminder to always live in the present.

Some might say that he was just a dog, but he was one of my best friends.

I’m very grateful we got an extra year together while he received treatment… and he took it like a trooper.  He didn’t seem sick at all, right up until the very end.

I’ll cherish our 12 years.  We had a pretty good run.

Here’s a link to his instagram Eulogy.

My Homage to Pearson, Pearsey, Podo, Dallo, Dapa, Dordo, Dorcho, little buddy.

Pearson Anhorn.  March 21st, 2005 – May 26th, 2017

I’ll miss my old friend.  Rest in peace, little buddy.


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  1. One of my favourite memories was our post hockey ritual. I picked up hockey again shortly after we got Pearson as a puppy. Ever since, he has gone to bed with Sara and waited patiently for me to arrive home after late games. I would sneak in, bust him out, we would play for a bit, lay out my gear to dry and retire to the couch for snacks, movies, belly rubs and cuddles. This ritual has happened hundreds, if not a thousand times. My first game without the little guy is this Sunday… it’s going to be lonely on the couch.

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