Nothing remarkable here. Just a moment of pause. To remind me of how I want to try to live right now, from moment to moment.
Who knows if that is the ‘right’ way to do it, but it feels as close to right as anything…

It’s been a demanding and busy week. Crowded, and hectic, and a bit chaotic. And tiring.
Nothing at all dramatic, just life in this moment feeling a bit- busy.

So waking this morning, rallying myself for the immediate tasks filling my inbox, I was lacking in a vim, in a brightness, in a hop.
Focused on doing what needed doing,  and trying to use that as a motivator to raise the energy levels.

An extremely crowded and delayed train ride nudged me to treat myself with a coffee. Starting to feel a pick-up, I step out and see one of those classically New York scenes on the street. Suspicious (anywhere else but here it seems) van parked on the corner, doors splayed open and random clothes, boxes, shelves and shovels spilling on to the street, people busily sorting and shuffling said gear- and a line of bald plastic heads lined up on the roof. I’m sure they’ll eventually get hats or wigs or sunglasses to warm their cold heads, but at that moment, there they ‘sat’ looking down on my stunned and tired little face, as horns honked, people hollered, and the air whirred around them.
And I instantly was filled with an excitement, an energy, a reminder of the little moments that lift you, that fuel you, that give you a buzz to get from one slower moment to the next. Bald heads on a  rooftop.  That’s what it took.

Maybe the key that I’m thinking about is managing the swings. Taking it all in for what it is. But managing just how much you feel ready to take in, good or bad. Giving yourself permission to feel to the max if you want to, but also letting yourself walk away or put your head in the corner if you’re not in to feeling it.
Remembering what fuels you. And making that one of your missions in life- to spend as much of your valuable energy on the ups, and doing your best to be as strong and calm with the lows. And looking at things through the moment-to-moment lens, a reminder that nothing is permanent, and everything will change. Like it or not.

Moment to moment.
Beer to beer. Bald head to bald head.


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