Dog Update

Pearson was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma on April 1, 2016.  Somehow, we’ve made it through 4 full chemotherapy cycles in ~6 months.  It’s been a lot of added stress , financial cost and gross diarrhea,  but we finally got some good news yesterday.

“No evidence of residual lymphoma microscopically.”

What a relief.  We weren’t sure how we were going to continue his treatment, as he’s actually finished the normal protocol.

He had only reached partial remission on chemotherapy alone, so I think the addition of the lymphoma vaccine might have done the trick.  I’m very glad we took the chance on treatment AND that our pet insurance covered everything.

We have no idea how long this will last, but he goes back in a month to check everything out once again.  He’s getting a shake shack cheeseburger this weekend for being such a good sport.


*Update:  Pearson getting his Shake Shack Burger


I really should listen to the Earth, Wind and Fire song again- it’s got such a great peppy little chorus, and their moves are so damn happy… I have absolutely no idea what words they’re singing other than ‘September’ but based on the upbeat groove of the song, they must be singing the praises that so many others seem to be at this time of year.

I absolutely adore summer. I love the pace, the heat, the permission it grants for kids to be kids, and for adults to slide into playing a bit more easily… Grab a ball, lounge on the grass, take a little bit longer to get to your destination, stay up a little later and sleep in a little longer…. Spend time with family and friends near and far. Listen and slow down. Take it easy. And enjoy. 

There are other realities that present some challenges. 
Juggling sporadic and pieced-together child care, filling in the gaps while shuffling from one camp to other, and accommodating summer start and end times.

 Altered living conditions that compromise some usual comforts in order to allow for time together with those visiting for the summer.

Drying off after a sticky commute in the sweltering heat, and packing a few changes of clothes for those extra clammy days.

Struggling to fit in some sense of discipline and regularity, whether that be in working out, moderating food and booze intake, or ensuring that your kids’ previously respectable behaviour doesn’t completely unravel with the extended lack of routine.

But in spite of  those challenges, I cherish the summer mood, and I struggle to not get the fall blues at this time of year.

My school stomache aches have started already. I am not in a classroom. I guess for some you don’t ever completely forget that anxiety, but I am doing my best to not transfer that to my kids who seem generally content to move from one phase to another, at this age anyway. I’m doing the same positive reenforcement to my kids that my Mom did for me for so many years, to get me excited and focusing on the good things that September represented… What made me feel better as a kid still makes be happy, and I enjoyed taking the kids on the ceremonial runner shopping trip (they call them sneakers now- blasphemy,). They also picked out some pretty flashy backpacks. We’ve been talking about their friends, and have chosen fun new lunch snacks together. And are eagerly anticipating the start of fall sports season.

So all of these comforts and routines will be ok. As will the fresh starts, with new teachers, new topics, new friends, new lessons.

Finding peace in the familiar , as well as inspiration in the new possibilities.

I’m going to treat myself to a PSL tomorrow. 

Right after I join the spamming parents with adorable pictures of first days.

And I’ll also blast some E,W and F.