Cold is way harder without a car (and heated garage)

It seems obvious enough, but man, weather is tough when you don’t have a car.

Three nuggets of wisdom for anyone else moving from one of the driest places on earth to a city that rains at least a few times a week.

1) Get a decent rain jacket for your entire family, including your dog.

2) Get good umbrellas.  Our HBC specials aren’t doing the trick.  Golf umbrellas seem to be the way to go.  The kids have awesome umbrellas from this company.

3) Don’t forget about your feet.  Rain boots or waterproof shoes are a must.  I’m still in runners and I pay the price at least once a week.

I’ll have one more nugget once I figure out how to keep my thighs/shins dry! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cold is way harder without a car (and heated garage)”

  1. Just an update to the post above. I couldn’t find any styles I liked that were waterproof from llbean, orvis or patagonia, so I was able to ship from . Who knew! $20 shipping isn’t too bad, especially with the exchange rate in our favour down here. A $236 goretex jacket is tough to beat.

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