Hey, can I come?

I think I just invited my family to trick or treat with a group of other families in the West Village. I asked in innocent question about how trick or treating works when you live in an apartment tower, and she said that they go to the houses in the West Village as it has a nicer feel. I responded with a ‘Oh! That sounds great!’, which I think was interpreted as a ‘oOh- can I come too?’.
She graciously extended an invite.
(Next question is though- do parents here also take booze in their sippy, I mean coffee cups, or is that just something that happens in Calgary to keep the shivering parents warm? Or is that just something my family does? )

Is it that my pride has flown out the window since moving here, being so challenged and humbled, that I actually invited myself along to something?
Nah- it’s that it sounds so iconic and awesome, and it’s part of the reason that we chose to move here. To expose our little ones to these experiences, which, really, they probably will just take in stride, but Brett and I will truly understand the significance of.
That’s another irony. There are so many parts of the equation of the rationale behind our choice to move. But a big one was the breadth of experiences we’d be offering our children by living in a world centre like NYC for a part of their childhood.
The sadness and beauty of that is that I wonder just how much they will really understand about the exposure they’re getting. Of course they won’t really understand it, yet. But on the other hand, that’s what we also want- for them to be oblivious to the change, to be adjusted, to be adapted, to be happy and just going with it all.
We’ve had some pretty involved weeks behind us, and as I start to look forward to this weekend, I have a goal to keep things simple and relaxing for one weekend. (I’ve heard that before)

And I legitimately don’t know how to do that yet in a city like New York!
Lazing about the apartment will work for a bit, and we’ll gladly embrace that, but eventually kids get tired of playing in our cozy space and we all start to feel a little crowded. So that loses it’s relaxing feel…!
Maybe it’ll be a weekend of enjoying Fall in the city. Nice and simple.

Seriously- how can we go wrong?

Just don’t. Over. Do.it…!


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