Near or far

Yesterday marked the 4th annual Walk for Thomas, and the first where I wasn’t involved in the day-of organization of the flagship walk back in Calgary.
In spite of me moving my family and my life mid-way through the planning, a team of dedicated, loving, and passionate people still pulled off another amazing event, remembering the life of Thomas, and raising awareness for a rare and deadly disease.
Hours of preparation, of sadness, and hope goes into this event- I know it too well.
It is all worth it, and then some, of course.
As I was going through all of the posts of our extended Walk for Thomas friends and family, literally around the world, I was overcome with a warmth and comfort. So many good people. Good.
An awful, a sad, a painful experience uniting people by a common thread of… Hope? Of committing to appreciate your days just a little bit more? Of recognizing the fragility and injustice in so much? Of promising to be a bit more patient, a bit more gentle, a bit more greatful of our children?

We’d been here 2 weeks when I got the courage to invite coworkers to join us in walking this year.
With only 3 weeks notice, and only 2 weeks of knowing who the hell Brett and I even were, we were again amazed at these virtual strangers’ generosity and care.
We met bright and early in stunning Central Park, walked our walk, and enjoyed a breakfast together afterwards.
Such kindness. Such goodness.

There’s a lot of scariness in my days right now, to be honest. A lot of excitement and energy, sure, but some scariness.
Knowing that our little network of support has the chance to grow just a bit even with these kind of people is reassuring.

Bring it, Monday…;)

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