Dreams and sh*t

I can actually say that tonight the words ‘that was really a dream come true’ came out of my mouth.
I made the move and gave myself a night out tonight on 5th ave. All alone.
No rush, no deadline, no attending to snacks/potty-breaks/negotiating toy turns/cold legs/she looked at me/I don’t want to’s.
Me. 5th ave. Some lights. And about 85 million other dummies.
And my goodness was it swell.
I forgot to eat today in a focus to really try to close a few things off for a few days of a break. So by the time I left work I was hun.gry. I’d debated eating somewhere out. But got too caught up in wandering, and instead delved into the whole experiencing, treating myself to $3 samosas from a street cart. They were really spicy. And awesome.

So- first stop- Bloomingdales. Interactive and mobile and awesome.
Then on to Barney’s. This was insane. Baz Luhrmann insane. Talking owls, mechanical suns, and skaters. Nuff said. So cool.
From here on to Bergdorf Goodman’s tribute to the arts, followed by a stumbling ( and near trampling, no joke) at Saks and Rockefeller. And a whole sprinkling of other pretty spectacular sights in between.

I was also lucky enough to stumble into St Thomas’ Church. The doors were splayed open, and I could hear singing. I stepped in and saw a choir of red-robed boys practising for a Christmas Eve service. I sat quietly and enjoyed on a pew alone…

Along the whole way I leisurely shopped- didn’t buy anything, other than a pretzel (Duh), and hopped into a few hotels to see if any felt right for a solo drink ( the St. Regis, the Peninsula, Sherry-Netherlands, the Plaza and the Waldorf Astoria) but something wasn’t quite right for me to settle down in any. They were all stunning and iconic, but I was shockingly not in the mood to sit still and drink.

There are enough moments where I’m pretty tired or frustrated or scared or… Just not up. Like everyone. But tonight was just really nice. As vacuous or silly as that sounds. There are so many other elements that can complicate situations. I’m keeping tonight simple and am appreciating it for what it was. A dream come true, without evaluation, or analysis, or judgement.

Also, my one kid officially says ‘Santa’ with a new twang/slant. I’m simultaneously horrified and delighted.


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