Winter wonderland

I’ve always had a dream of being in New York for Christmas.
Until coming here, I wasnt exactly sure what it was about it that drew me┬áto this experience, but now 10 days into December, I am basking in the Christmas glow that this city is come December. Well, technically by the 2nd week of November the term ‘holidays’ is being woven into nearly every interaction here…

It’s again a fine balance between actively plotting out our Christmas experiences, and allowing serendipity to play it’s role, allowing you to stumble upon Christmas markets, bask in the heavy evergreen smell of the pop-up Christmas tree stands around the corner, or dipping in to a dark and cozy pub for a warm drink, boughs and berries and candles enveloping you.

We have hit the usual suspects up, in one weekend making rounds to Santaland at Macy’s ( which was sadly ended abruptly with protestors- it was difficult to explain why this was happening and why they were chanting ‘ I can’t breathe’ and ‘black lives matter’ to a 5 year old. Difficult but important.), a $10 performance of the Nutcracker that Nora and I went to at a theatre in the Upper East, and then rounding it with a 9am performance Sunday of the Rockettes.
But somehow it all felt manageable.
This weekend we have Nora’s dance recital for the Nutcracker… And then Sunday we’re planning on taking in some Christmas train activities… Not sure where the Christmas and train connection came from, but there are displays everywhere, so that’ll hopefully be something we can take in.
And- I stumbled along one particularly cozy looking pub that we will be sipping a warm drink at.

Taking it all in. It’s a silly magical feel… With all the crazy to ground it…


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