Dogs and drama

I’m not much a theatre person. I’m just not. It’s not that I have anything against it, necessarily, but it just hasn’t been something I have sought out that much.
But I’m living in NYC and it’s my responsibility to expose myself to it already. This city is bubbling with talent. And dreams. And probably more people than not who aren’t going to make it. Either because they just aren’t good enough, because they haven’t made the right contacts, they haven’t been in the right place at the right time…. Or a combination of a few of these…Either way, I owe it to them trying to check out a show or 2…

So I’m thankful that Jordon invited me to join him at Eyes Wide Whut, I mean Sleep No More.
I sort of knew what to expect, so I wasn’t completely panicked. But mildly.  The cocktail on the rooftop helped. As did the 2nd cocktail in the ‘hotel’ bar. That helped.
I’m really glad that I went. I still don’t really know what happened or what it was all about, but it was definitely an experience. And I stalked John Krasinski. (He might have rolled his eyes at me gawking at him, but I’m not sure. ) And wore a mask for the duration of the performance . Or experience? What the hell am I supposed to call it anyway?

If that wasn’t weird enough, our routine was disrupted this morning with Brett having an early offsite meeting.
I did double kid drop, and had extra time, so I thought to grab some breakfast. You see, we had enough food in the house only for the kids to eat breakfast. Really. In the past I would have called that bad planning. Now, I just call it ‘grab something at one of the 87 coffee shops within a 3 block radius.’ And I chose a bakery. A BAKERY. And although the item had quinoa and spelt in it, it was nonetheless a scone. A SCONE. That’s a bad choice.
The next bad choice was thinking that I could eat it on the street on the way to the subway.
Smeared dog shit and meter high garbage bag piles lining the blocks. Who knew it was garbage day today? Smelled amazing.

At least I saw this ridiculousness and laughed…that dog was actually a cow. Or a horse.


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