Sh*t is getting real

If signing a relocation agreement, fire-saling a vast majority of your possessions, and putting your house on the rental market didn’t make it feel real, beginning the unspoken, but actual ‘Farewell Dinners’ with friends has certainly made this whole adventure real.

Sure, sure- there are no longer any more real ‘farewells’, but rather ‘until next times’. And that’s ok. And I’m sure that with many of these friends we will evolve our friendship.

It is making ‘real’ the fact that life is about to change for us in a dramatic way. That’s the part that is hitting today.
With a move like this, you tend to get immediately consumed by all of the logistics. You have to be, or it will be infinitely more stressful than it already is. You are absorbed by the sequencing of the shut-down of your current life, and the set-up of your new life, from schools, jobs, homes, dog crates, flights, furniture, and little things called Work Visas.

It is a tornado of details. Of taking blind leaps in one direction, because you simply have no choice but to keep things moving in SOME direction. Only to then have to climb back up the hill, and jump off the other side of the cliff. Numbers. Letters. Applications. Approvals. Submissions. Call-backs. Messages. Confirmations. Keep. Things. Moving.

And then all of a sudden you really are moving in less than 2 weeks.
And you see some of your nearest and dearest friends who’s mind and understanding of the situation lay back 4 weeks ago when they first heard about this change; they are still waiting to hear about where you’re actually going, what you’ll be doing, wondering if everyone is ok with everything. And you’re moving in 2 weeks and have moved well beyond this point.

Queue the scratch of a record.

Changes like this in your life allows you to pause, ironically enough. To reflect on what your friendships have survived- some good, some difficult, some exciting, some terrifying, and some disappointing moments. To reflect on the unwavering support these friendships have provided. True, genuine, loving support. Not always in the most conventional of ways. But true and sincere and well-intentioned support nonetheless.

While I look forward to the new friendships I will make with this move, I am comforted with the strength and encouragement that my special friendships thus far have given me. Enough to make me even consider taking this next leap…

I’ll miss all of these a*&holes. Deeply. But, despite Brett’s groan, I will also have an air mattress available for any lucky visitors…


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