Long weekends rule

Wrapping up our first long weekend of 2015.
It’s remarkable what one extra day on a weekend can do for the normal cycles of a unit…
Friday night feels like a huge accomplishment on most weeks, especially now in our lives here where a good amount of energy still is going into the mechanics of getting everyone where they need to be, shifting modes from readying, to commuting, to working, to familying, and to absorbing our special surroundings.
It’s such a fine balance between making-the-most, and allowing for rest and recovery, and it is still ( maybe it always will be) something that I think I struggle to be conscious of.
Having even just one extra day to play with adds such a welcomed level of flow, of space, of balance. Friday night felt a bit less like of an exhausted exhale, and a bit more like a refreshing inhale, knowing that we’d have a bit more give to our unwinding time.
We had no plans, and the weekend unfolded into a relaxed, spontaneous, and comfortable few days.
Not to mention the very important reason for this weekend’s extension.
Brett and I watched Selma. And we learned a lot. And will be doing more reading and reflecting. Of course.
And we’ve reflected in turn on how this translates to the lives of little ones… It’s the balance again between celebrating in the fact that our kids in 2015 haven’t been exposed to , nor do they comprehend the struggles that Martin Luther King Jr. represents, and in also ensuring that in an age-appropriate way, they understand what his spirit, his sacrifices, his courage ask of us to carry on.

In much trivial news, I’ve realized that I think I need to do some research for my own camera. I’m thrilled with our Lumix, and either I just need to pack less kid sh#* into my day-pack ( 48 less stuffies/fruit pouches/goldfish/cars/water bottles) in order to accommodate a camera around my neck, or I need to research an option light-enough to grab pics while shuffling strollers and corralling my whirling-dervish of a 5 year old on ‘active’ nyc streets. The photo content here is too good not to have something more accessible than my iPhone.
Until then, this’ll suffice.



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