Goblins to Gobbling

We celebrated our first Halloween state side last night.

The nice mom that I accidentally invited myself along with a few weeks back stayed true to her very kind words and sought me out at kid drop-off at school yesterday to make sure we knew we were welcome to join their troop of trick or treaters.
We first ventured to the shops in TriBeCa along Duane and Reede streets.
Way too cute seeing all of the excited, sugar hopped kiddies parading up and down the warehouse steps. Hard to tell if the shop keepers or the kids were more excited, really.
After our share of shop treating, we hopped on the subway and made our way to the Village.
And this is where the dream continued… I’ve never been a massive Halloween fan. I like dressing up and since kids it’s definitely been amped up in excitement… Eagerly anticipating their happy reactions, their curiosity just on the verge of fear when one costume or decoration teeters on the line…
The village. Still very new to us all.
But what a place from some dream it is for me…
Tree-lined streets, narrow sidewalks, tucked-away hallways of restaurants, and so quiet…
The iconic brownstones, the rod iron fences, the elaborate chandeliers way, way up those formidable steps.
And us goofs trolling along with a group of welcoming families, the parents all stepping back into our own childhoods and remembering for a few moments that magic we felt each year when our pillow case were filled with packs of chocolate and gummies, and we stayed up well passed our bedtimes.
How special that Halloween fell on a Friday as well this year.
We insisted that the kids layer up, and for a few minutes we neared pulling the chord when Nora freaked out at being a ‘fat cheetah’, with her jacket adding bulk to her svelt costume… None of the other kids had layers above, let alone beneath their costumes, so this might have been a hangover from previous halloweens where hypothermia was a real possibility…

And now November 1st my Starbucks cup is red, and there are tiny evergreens replacing the pumpkins at Whole Foods.
Bring on the turkeys dressed in Santa Claus hats.
I.Cant. Wait!


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