Leases Are Tricky In The US

We were almost done our lease application and were informed that they would need a copy of our Visas.  Visas that will not be active/approved until we enter the United States.  We will need the apartment when we enter the US, but they won’t approve the apartment until we leave Canada.  It’s now a chicken and egg scenario that our broker assures us shouldn’t derail the lease process, but I’m still worried.

So, after providing proof of US/NY employment, income, ID, networth statement(s), bank statement(s) and bank account information, we could still be denied on our lease.

If this thing goes south, Sara and I will have to sit down for a real discussion about this relocation and pursuing it any further.

I can’t do another apartment/school hunting trip without going crazy and I’m not sure our company will want to send me again.


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