Leases Are Tricky In The US

We were almost done our lease application and were informed that they would need a copy of our Visas.  Visas that will not be active/approved until we enter the United States.  We will need the apartment when we enter the US, but they won’t approve the apartment until we leave Canada.  It’s now a chicken and egg scenario that our broker assures us shouldn’t derail the lease process, but I’m still worried.

So, after providing proof of US/NY employment, income, ID, networth statement(s), bank statement(s) and bank account information, we could still be denied on our lease.

If this thing goes south, Sara and I will have to sit down for a real discussion about this relocation and pursuing it any further.

I can’t do another apartment/school hunting trip without going crazy and I’m not sure our company will want to send me again.


Selling Our Stuff is Kind of Liberating

We’ve sold a lot of stuff in the past couple of weeks and it’s been a mixed bag for me.  Sad to see some of it go that holds good memories, but kind of fun when you discard the things you don’t really need… or won’t need in an 1100 square foot apartment.

T-Minus 23 days or so.


Our Stuff

I’ve tried doing research on the best ways to move your kids… Should I be involving you in every stage, or just making decisions and trusting that I am the mom and I know best? Or is that going to break your trust because I’m not including you? Or is including you overwhelming your sweet little selves?

And am I being hasty in deciding what to bring vs store vs toss?

I wish there was a guide, but I’ve also learned that every situation is unique and every family is going to respond differently … So guides are kind of irrelevant…

Anyway- we love you. We hope we’re doing the right thing, and I am certain that we’ll have a fantastic time at FAO…



Friday’s Status

We just got the final version of the lease back from the Liberty Luxe and our relocation company is going through it.  Luxe forgot about Pearsey on the first one!

We’ve all but decided to go with Bright Horizons for Eli… Sara and I need to go through their application form together and I’ve got the instructions for wiring them a deposit.  Eli is going to be right by the boats!

PS 89 also offers after school programs through Manhattan Youth.  We might not have to worry about a Nanny if this works out for us.

The pieces are falling into place, though I’m not sure how Pearson the lion feels about his new crate.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.21.32 PM

In other news, I got stuck in the subway just south of Times Square for an hour yesterday because some dude fell on the tracks.  Yikes. Today, I saw a police armored tow truck destroy two cars after swerving on a tight street right by PS 87 (where we almost enrolled Nora).  Crazy.

There is only one New York.