Haircuts, kicks, and pickles

What a weekend.
And just like that it’s Monday…

We tried something a little different this weekend. Although, in fairness, we haven’t really reached that point where we’ve had any 2 weekends resemble one another. Possibly one of the reasons that we, with much trepidation, jumped for this adventure. Like I’ve said, at certain points routine is necessary and comforting, of course. It’s finding opportunities to challenge yourself in a way that is meaningful and reasonable, while also establishing and maintaining some sense of routine… That’s where we’re at right now…

So this weekend we experimented, entirely by chance, with our group dynamics. Sounds all scientific. Other than the ‘by chance’ part I guess.

In terms of activities, my dear, dear friend activities, we struck a balance between intentional, paid, planned activities, and serendipitous happenings… And when that happens, and everyone is comfortable and responsive and enjoying themselves, it’s pretty special.

The boy and I needed some grooming. We were shaggy, as Eli called it. Him, with a beyond-cute-and-in-to-disheveled look hair, me with caterpillars settling in above my eyes.
So, with the end goal of meeting up at the Kids Fall Festival at Madison Square park, one of my favourite parks in the city, we ventured out to find grooming.
And along the way I decided he and I were going to also hit up the New Balance store to get us both some good New York walking shoes.
In the meantime, Brett and Nora laid low, walked the dog, had a coffee, and made there way up to meet us eventually.
It was nothing dramatic, but it was a shift in the normal dynamics we’d been operating with, where we spent most of our ‘free time’ together as a unit…

The next day I took the kids to the children’s art museum of New York. Top notch, affordable, and fun for all 3 of us.
Then as a whole unit, we ventured to the Lower East Side Pickle day. No shitting. And those people take their pickles seriously.
And along the way, we all encountered expected and unexpected..

This morning while rushing home down the same 5 flights of steps that I tripped going up, I noticed something in the middle of the steps…
A banana. A banana. That I looked at, laughed at, and walked around.




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