Being a tour guide as a tourist

We’ve already had 2 sets of guests visiting, and are due for 2 more sets over the next month.
It’s really nice seeing familiar faces, and it’s exciting having a new dynamic to experience our new home within.
As much as I really do cherish these visits, I can’t help but feel some pressure ( entirely self-inflicted) to make our guests’ New York experience amazing.
Take them to special places, orchestrate those iconic New York moments, hope that they too have multiple head-shaking, jaw-dropping moments. And you also hope for seamless arrival from one experience to the next.
As someone still very much learning her way through this amazing maze of energies and experiences, this doesn’t always happen, and I feel anxious at the possible disappointment my guests might feel.
They don’t. And they won’t. Because ultimately this is their moment to respond to… Regardless of what planning or navigating I do, they’re all going to react in their own way, entirely out of my control.
These aren’t clients to be managed, with performance metrics to refer back to. They won’t be evaluating whether or not my itineraries, my routes, my suggested meals met their expectations…!
They’re friends, they’re family, and they’re here to make their own experiences as well.
I guess part of it is just the excitement and energy I feel at the prospect of being able to experience as much of this wacky, amazing place as I can with my little unit. Maybe it’s enough to just land on sharing that enthusiasm as my ‘responsibility.’… The rest of the details will follow….
And when in doubt, hop on a subway. That will still blow most visitors minds for a little while at least…


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