Thursday’s Status

1) Application in for apartment at 200 North End Ave in BPC (Manhattan).  Our broker calls it Tribeca West… lol.

2) Nora has a seat held at PS 89 in BPC, we need to get back here in late August to complete the registration for her in person.

3) I’m going out to visit preschool/childcare locations in BPC this afternoon, after I grab a sandwich from the market across the street. I’m really digging the NYLO hotel in the UWS.  Current front-runner is Bright Horizons for Eli.  They might offer B&A school care for Nora as well and they are located tight to our new apartment.  Hopefully it works out.  I’ve contacted 2 other preschools with openings as well, though their hours of operation aren’t full day.

Current list of all Preschools in BPC area.  I’m going to be on the phone a lot over the next few days.

View from the park behind our apartment complex.  It’s a little different than Calgary.  #nomountains


They sure use a lot of acronyms.


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